Saturday, May 21, 2022

£7.4m plan for Whitespots

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£7.4m plan for Whitespots
AGRICULTURE Minister, Edwin Poots, has unveiled plans for the £7.4m redevelopment of Whitespots Country Park.
The project will see a new park created around the old industrial lead mines sites between Newtownards and Bangor.
The funding will come from the first tranche of allocations from the Executive’s City/Growth Deals Complementary Fund. These allocations were agreed as part of the Executive’s draft Budget 2022-25.
Visiting the site of the future country park at Whitespots, Minister Poots said: “The investment of over £7.4m in this new parkland will transform a derelict industrial site into an active community space for the people of North Down and visitors alike.
“This project will provide a significant capital injection in the area and will develop our local environment to provide much needed green space for citizens.”

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