A NEWTOWNARDS baker said whipping up a life-size Taylor Swift masterpiece out of cake was ‘a real treat’.

With over 3.9 million followers on TikTok, it comes to no surprise that a video has gone viral of Lara Mason creating the towering seven feet cake dedicated to American singer Taylor Swift.

Lara, who now lives in the West Midlands, works as both a baker and a content creator and is well-known on social media for her mammoth cakes.

Her most recent bake, which is her tallest cake to date, features Taylor Swift, holding the NFL (National Football League) Super Bowl trophy above her head while wearing a Kansas City Chiefs sweater – in support of her boyfriend, Chiefs player Travis Kelce.

The 37 year-old, who began baking in 2011, has notably sculpted cakes of the Queen, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry and Megan.

Her creations have also extended to include a large recreation of The Grinch, which managed to capture the attention of actor Jim Carrey.

Speaking about her love of cakes, Lara explained that she began baking when her family were unable to find a baker to create a cake for her in-laws wedding anniversary.

“We looked about to find a baker who could help but couldn’t at such short notice,” she explained.

“I had been watching lots of the American cake shows like Cake Boss and thought that I would give it a go. The cake turned out a bit rubbish but everyone at the party said I had done a great job so it went from there.”

Lara explained how many people asked if it upset her to see her creations eaten after spending so much time and care on them, however she said she felt that art that could be eaten was ‘the best form’ of art.

The Taylor Swift cake was designed for a display, however as she and her twin daughters are fans of the singer’s music she was delighted to take on the challenge.

Lara added that as she and her husband were both NFL fans, being able to combine the two was ‘a real treat’.

To fit with the red and white theme of the Kansas City Chiefs, Taylor was made up of layers of red velvet and vanilla sponge cake. 

Lara created videos of her making the cake for her followers and in one video Lara is seen sculpting Taylor’s face.

“Sculpting the face has to be the most difficult part,” Lara said. “Any face is hard but to make it actually resemble someone is the real challenge.

“I think anything Taylor is always going to go crazy in social media, I’m just so happy people were pleased with it. Especially the true ‘Swifties’ who know her face from every single angle.”

Lara said she wasn’t sure if the superstar had seen her cake creation yet, however she hopes Taylor comes across it during her down time.

Looking to the future, Lara said she had a few ideas for more cakes in the works for the coming year.

Lara can be followed on TikTok at: @Laracakesofficial.