Tuesday, February 27, 2024


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ARDS Hospital’s Minor Injuries Unit is to be axed.


Yesterday afternoon the South Eastern Health Trust’s board unanimously voted to close it and the Bangor Hospital Minor Injuries Unit down in favour of a new unit in Dundonald’s Ulster Hospital.


The Trust got 388 responses to the public consultation on the matter, the vast majority of them opposing the closure, as well as a 19,000-strong petition against the move.


But the Trust dismissed people’s objections, stating that building the new Dundonald unit is the only route to a ‘safe and sustainable’ future for urgent and emergency care.


Trust chief executive, Roisin Coulter, also described the 388 responses as ‘a relatively small proportion of Ards and North Down, albeit with a petition that will also be factored’.


The Trust will now go to the Department of Health for final permission to close the Ards unit.

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