RECURRENT flooding at Kirkistown Cemetery is ‘distressing to families’, a DUP alderman has said.

Ards and North Down alderman Robert Adair has called for investment to prevent flooding issues at the cemetery.

His calls follow heavy rainfall over the weekend which have resulted in some graves being inaccessible due to flooding.

Mr Adair said: “This is the fourth time the cemetery has been flooded in recent years. Prior to this, there was never any flooding at this location of the cemetery.

“The cemetery is a special place to many people, including my family, as it is the resting place of our loved ones.

“I welcome that following my request, council were on site promptly to address the flooding.”

He continued: “The council will make every effort to contact families whose loved ones’ graves may have been flooded.

“My focus will now be to ensure the investment is progressed without delays to prevent further flooding problems in the cemetery.

“It is unacceptable that this is a regular occurrence each time with heavy rain and the council must invest in additional drainage as a matter of urgency as this is distressing to families.”