AN ARDS schoolgirl is showing the boys how it’s done – despite only taking up the motorcycling mantle this year. Eight-year-old Ella Mosgrove goes from strength to strength in her debut Irish Minibike Championship (IMC) season, having ridden a bike for the first time a mere eight months ago. “I think she’s exceeded even her own expectations,” said dad, Darryl. “We all have an interest in bikes but Ella is the first to have done it competitively. It’s not as if she has a background in motorsport,” he added. Ella, who is a pupil at Abbey Primary School in the town and also a member at Ards Hockey Club, currently occupies 7th position out of 17 in the series’ standings, as it prepares for the final round at Kirkistown. “There are lots who would class it as a man’s sport, yet she has proven she can be just as fast and just as good as they are, so there’s a lot to be said for what she has managed to achieve,” explained Darryl.

The Irish Minibike Championship was established in 2018 to provide riders, regardless of age, ability, or ambition, with cost-effective and sought after track time in a competitive yet family-friendly environment. Dedicated to making Minibike racing inclusive, accessible, and affordable for all, the IMC has seen their membership quadruple and interest skyrocket since then, with this now its fifth season and the sport one of the fastest growing around. Darryl continues: “She’s definitely not scared of telling people her idol is Michael Dunlop! “I remember when we used to ask what she wanted to do when she was older, the answer used to be a vet. It’s pretty quickly turned into being a roadracer.”