IN her first prize day address as principal of Movilla High School, Dr Carol Greer said she was ‘deeply honoured to represent this incredible school’.

The head of the Newtownards school also said the day was ‘more than just a celebration – it is an opportunity for us to come together as a community and reflect’.

Dr Greer referred to words by the late American poet, Maya Angelou – ‘diversity makes for a rich tapestry and that we must understand that all the very different threads of the tapestry are equal in value’.

The school principal said: “Our Movilla community is that rich tapestry of diversity. We are all ability, all interests, all backgrounds. We celebrate diversity and we value every single different thread in our rich Movilla tapestry, everyone important, everyone individual.”

Dr Greer continued: “Since joining Movilla I have been asked frequently how I am getting on. My response flows easily. On joining the Movilla family I was immediately immersed in a community, a community of care and aspiration and ambition. We want every single pupil not just to survive but to thrive in whatever they pursue.”

The principal outlined how the challenge at the school was to ‘demand the very best for our pupils, the best learning, the best experiences, the best environment and the highest levels of engagement, kindness and honesty’.

“We have high aspirations for them all. That is the Movilla way,” Dr Greer told her audience.

She added: “The school is growing, thriving and building. There is a tangible momentum. A momentum propelled by my predecessor Mr Ian Bell and  I am so pleased that he has joined us today as our celebrations and achievements of the last academic year are his achievements. Not just because he was principal for half of last year but fundamentally because we are building on the solid foundations that he spent so much time, energy, passion and love establishing. He will always be the father of our house and I demand him to be a frequent integral feature of our school community for ever more.”

Turning to academic results, Dr Greer described the Year 12 Class of 2023 as a ‘fabulous year group’, who had ‘worked extremely hard attending revision and booster classes throughout the year and most intensively during the examination season’.

The Movilla principal continued: “We were delighted that as a consequence of their hard work, their results met and exceeded all of our targets for this year group. In particular, 81.5% of pupils gained five A* to C grades and there was an increase in the number of pupils gaining  five A* to C grades including English Language and Mathematics. Two of our top performing pupils worthy of particular mention were Madison Milligan achieving 9A*-C grades and Aimie Kerrigan achieving eight A*-C GCSE grades.”