A NEWTOWNARDS politician has urged
members of the public to stop feeding
pigeons in Conway Square.
The Square is the town’s main open space where
shoppers often sit and enjoy a coffee and food from one
of the local cafes.
However, while there have always been pigeons in the
area, alderman Stephen McIlveen says the roosting
flock has been posing increased problems.
He believes the pigeons have been attracted to the
Square in growing numbers by members of the public
feeding them scraps.
The DUP councillor believes that signs to dissuade
members of the public from feeding the birds will
greatly address the issue.
“I have been pursuing this issue with council officers
and I have now submitted a motion to council formally
requesting officers to look at humane ways of
addressing the problem, to develop a bylaw to prohibit
the feeding of the birds in and around Conway Square
and to erect advisory signage to not feed the birds in
the meantime,” said Mr McIlveen.