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A TEACHER at a Newtownards school has won an anti-bullying award.

Dane McCoy, who is vice principal at Victoria Primary School, won the Northern Ireland primary school category of the Anti-Bullying Week 2023 School Staff Award.

He was nominated by one of the P7 pupils who said: “I used to be bullied and Mr McCoy helped that stop.

“He was kind to me but he was kind to the bullies as well, to help them behave better and understand why it is wrong. Overall he is just great at protecting his pupils.”

The award is given to celebrate those teachers and school staff that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to prevent and respond to bullying and to raise awareness of bullying in their school community.

Out of the school staff nominated in Northern Ireland there is one primary school and one secondary school winner. The winners are then chosen by a panel of children and young people.

“Everyone associated with Victoria has sent Mr McCoy their heartfelt congratulations,” school principal Faith Moffett said.

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